Summer School 2024

Dates of Summer School: June 3rd to 28th 

Location: Columbine High School
                6201 S Pierce St.
                Littleton, CO  80123

Summer School Information

This Senior High School Summer School Program is for students who need to make up credit in a required subject area.  Summer school this year is following a blended learning model.  Students will attend class at Columbine two days per week for each subject they enroll in and the rest of their learning will be AT HOME through an on-line computer based program called Edgenuity.  All students will need to have regular internet access and a good work ethic in order to successfully pass summer school. The senior high school program is open to district students who are currently in Grades 9 through 12.

Students can register for up to TWO courses for the summer session.  Students that register for South Area Summer School will be completing their coursework at Columbine High School. Taking expedited summer courses is very challenging and students will need to work very hard to get this done.  There are no course fees for summer school this year for Jeffco students.  

Summer school grades will not replace grades currently on transcripts.  Summer school grades are calculated in students’ GPAs and it is possible to FAIL summer school classes.  

Summer school grades will go on transcripts after August 1.

All students will attend an orientation on their first day of classes, either June 3rd or June 4th.  Students will go to school in person at Columbine at least two days per week through June 28th. All students must complete course work by June 28th in order to receive credit.

Enrollment Restrictions
It is possible that courses may become full and students will be placed in classes according to when they register.  Because summer school is self-supporting, a class may not be offered if enrollment numbers are too low or if we run out of teachers.  You will be contacted if this impacts you/your student.  

Attendance Policy
Due to the short length of the summer session, students who are absent from orientation and/or class for more than ONE day will be dropped from the program without credit (three tardy marks will count as one absence.)  Students will be excused for illness but parents must call to excuse the student’s absence.  Absences should be communicated directly to the teacher of the class the student is missing.

Conduct Code
All students must adhere to the Jefferson County Public Schools Conduct Code and Related Policies.  Any student violating Board of Education Policy JICH, JICH-R (Drug and Alcohol Use) or Policy JICI (Weapons in School) will be immediately withdrawn from summer school and no credit will be given.  Violation will be reported to the student’s home school.


Registration is open from May 1st through May 31st
through Enroll Jeffco
CLICK HERE for step by step instructions

Students should bring final report card and/or transcript to registration at Columbine or work with their homeschool counselor to select classes.  

Orientation & First Day of Class:

  • June 3rd: 8:00am - 11am - All Social Studies & Math classes orientation and first day of class in-person. 
  • June 4th: 8:00am - 11am - All Science & English classes orientation and first day of class in person. 

Students are in-person at Columbine at the following times: 
Mondays & Wednesdays from 8 – 11 am all Social Studies and Math Classes meet.
Tuesday & Thursdays from 8 – 11 am all Science and English Classes meet.
No in-person summer school sessions are held on Fridays. Work must still be completed at home on Fridays in order to complete the class on time.  

If you have questions, please contact Lucas Reeves 
(303) 982-4453

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